Instructions for Comets myClub

Comets myClub is Comets’ member registration system. All your attendances, enrollments and payments can be seen there. Comets arranges lessons for members only and you have to pay a membership fee of 25 € per year to attend our courses and lessons. The membership fee bill is sent and paid after the courses start. To register as a Comets member, follow the instructions below.

Information about registration on fall season 2021

1) Go to

2) Select ’Rekisteröidy uudeksi jäseneksi’/New user registration.

3) Fill in your personal information.

4) Choose your login ID and password and press register.

5) You are moved to the frontpage of Comets myClub. Select the ’Tapahtumat’/’Events’ tab and choose the courses you want to join (only in Finnish). Notice, that some events/dance courses can be seen on tab ’Omat’ and some under the tab ’Muut’. After signing up to an event, you can find it under the tab ’Omat’ (your own events).

6) Notice the confirmation button.  Sign up to a course with ’Ilmoittaudu tästä’ button.

7) Some courses fill up fast and you might end up on a waiting list. MyClub shows that the course is full and your place on the waiting list. Usually this is a temporary phase of the enrollment process as the leader-follower ratio balances out. Be patient and wait until it is the last day to sign up for the course to check if you got in!

Additional information and feedback: info(at)