Free practice

’Vaparit’ is a free training opportunity for members to practice dance technique and figures on their free time:

  1. Book a vaparit with your practice partner.
  2. Gather a group of people and book a vaparit together.
  3. Open vaparit (yleisvaparit in Finnish): co-ordinated practice with changing dance partners during the practice time. Ask your coach when and where your dance style  (eg. Lindy Hop) has open vaparit and if there will be rotating dance partners or if you need to bring a practice partner with you.
  4. Supervised vaparit (ohjatut vaparit in Finnish): One of our coaches will be present, changing dance partners.

The person who books the vaparit is responsible for playing the music. You cannot reserve the dance hall all to yourself. Any Comets member can join your vaparit to practice on their own (except restrictions in pandemia). This applies also to the vaparit “yksärit” in the calendar, which means that the person is having a private lesson from a teacher. Bear in mind that there might be more talking than music playing during “yksärit”.

See the free practice calendars:
Iso sali (Big dance hall)
Pieni sali (Small dance hall)
Other  (School halls are closed)

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One of the Comets’ membership benefit is possibility to practice in the Comets Club and school halls when they are free of courses.

When you register to the myClub event you will commit Comets’ free practice rules ja cleaning instructions that are found below.

Free practicing is allowed only for those who have paid the membership fee and haven’t any unpaid bills. Using the Comets Club may be probihited from those who don’t follow the rules and cleaning instructions.

You will get the rights for free practice by registering this event. By fulfilling the above conditions, you will have access to the Comets Club big hall and small hall Google calendars. This and the new door code to the Comets Club will be sent to your email which is in myClub. It is forbidden to share the code with anyone else.

Special restrictions at the Comets Club during the pandemic

From 18.6.2021 10 persons in a room at a time is allowed.

Please remember to come only when feeling healthy and follow the hygiene instructions.

Free practice rules

  • The outer door is kept locked during free practice.
  • The shoes must be taken off in the hallway and left there.
  • If there is coaching in the big hall and you are going to the small hall, go there without interference.
  • In addition to the hallway, clothes can be changed and stored in the dressing room, which is between the halls – all spaces are unisex.
  • The small hall has a kitchen that can be used when there is no coaching. 
  • When you leave, mark all the people who have participated the free practice in the logbook in the hall.
  • Turn off the music players, the last person to leave the hall must switch the lights off and make sure that the door is closed and locked when you leave the hall. 
  • There is a recording camera surveillance at the entrance.
  • The booker must immediately notify the board by e-mail hallitus (at), if he / she notices any deficiencies in the hall, e.g. cleanliness, hygiene, detergents, hand towels, etc.

Cleaning instructions

  • At the end of the training, the trainer must wipe with a mop or vacuum clean the floor. Vacuum clean the mop from dust. (Instructions can be found in the cleaning closet)
  • Empty trash bins if those are full. The garbage shelter key can be found near the front door above the mailbox. It has a large metal ring as a keychain. The garbage shelter is a brick building on the edge of the parking lot. Return the key to the same nail.
  • Wipe the surfaces you have touched (including the door handles) with moisturized cleaning cloth.
  • If you used the kitchen in a small hall, clean what you have touched. Everyone immediately dishes all the dishes they haved used.

Booking Instructions Comets Club – big and small dance halls

Book your practice time in the calendar of the dance hall.
Comets Club large dance hall (iso sali) calendar and Small dance hall (pieni sali)  calendar. For booking you need a Google account and editing rights. This requires payment of the membership fee and that there are no course fees unpaid.

  1. Book your time in the calendar either in ’Iso sali’ = large dance hall or ’Pieni sali’ = small dance hall. Your booking needs to have your first and last name and what dance style you’re going to play music to. E.g. “Lindy Hop / Maija Mehiläinen”.
  2. You can only book a 1,5 hour ’vaparit’ for the next 7 days, and can only book one vaparit at a time. For example, on a Monday you can book vaparit for the next week’s Monday after you have used your shift.
  3. Do not delete calendar bookings. And be careful if you’re using Google Calendar for personal or work purposes so personal markings don’t end up in the Comets Calendars.
  4. Bring your own music. Everyone else is welcome to join your vaparit.
  5. Any questions and exceptional bookings e.g. pre-reservations: Hanna Vammeljoki: hanna.vammeljoki(at)

Pre-reservation you can apply e.g. for private lessons with a visiting coach. Please note, that even at private lessons (yksäri) also other members can practice in the hall – private use of the room is not possible.

Practice at  Cometsin shifts at the schools (Schools are not in use in this spring)

If you have paid the Comets membership fee, you can practice also at the schools booked by Comets.

You can book a shift when there is VAPAA in the calendar by email to hanna.vammeljoki(at) Please inform your name and which music you are going to play. The booking conditions are the same as at Comets Club. Every member of Comets can book one shift during next 7 days. You can book the next shif when the previous one is used.

In the end of your practice you must clean. Cleaning includes taking everything in its right place, trash to the trash bins, and wiping dirt and sand on the floors. There are equipment at the every school for this in cleaning closet.

Free practice groups in Facebook

In Facebook there are many groups where you can ask for someone to dance with:

Enjoy your practice time!