Free practice

Vaparit is a free training opportunity for members to practice dance technique and figures on their free time:

  1. Book a vaparit with your practice partner.
  2. Gather a group of people and book a vaparit together.
  3. Open vaparit (yleisvaparit in Finnish): co-ordinated practice with changing dance partners during the practice time. Ask your coach when and where your dance style  (eg. Lindy Hop) has open vaparit and if there will be rotating dance partners or if you need to bring a practice partner with you.
  4. Supervised vaparit (ohjatut vaparit in Finnish): One of our coaches will be present, changing dance partners.

The person who books the vaparit is responsible for playing the music. You cannot reserve the dance hall all to yourself. Any Comets member can join your vaparit to practice on their own. This applies also to the vaparit “yksärit” in the calendar, which means that the person is having a private lesson from a teacher. Bear in mind that there might be more talking than music playing during “yksärit”.

See the free practice calendars:
Iso sali
Pieni sali

To book a vaparit, you need to be a Comets member. The booking is done through Google Calendar so you will need a Google account and to request access rights to edit the studio calendar. Contact Timo Huhtinen to get access (

Booking instructions

  1. Ask for the right to modify and update the Comets Google Calendars from Timo Huhtinen: (
  2. Book your vaparit in the Calendar. “Iso sali” = big dance hall, “Pieni sali” = small dance hall. Your booking needs to have your name and what dance style you’re going to play music to. E.g. “Lindy Hop / Maija Mehiläinen”.
  3. You can only book a 1,5 hour vaparit for the next 7 days, and can only book one vaparit at a time. For example, on a Monday you can book vaparit for the next week’s Monday.
  4. Do not delete calendar bookings. And be careful if you’re using Google Calendar for personal or work purposes so personal markings don’t end up in the Comets Calendars.
  5. You can access the Pukinmäki Comets Club with a pin code that you will get from Timo Huhtinen.
  6. Bring your own music. Everyone else is welcome to join your vaparit.
  7. After your vaparit, mark the names of everyone present at the vaparit to the log book in the entrance.
  8. Clean up after you vaparit: mop the floor, don’t leave unwashed dishes in the kitchen, turn off the lights.
  9. Make sure the door closes properly when you leave Comets Club.

Enjoy your practice time!

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