Comets in English

Rock’n’Swing Dance Club Comets

Comets was founded in 1992 and has ever since given rock and swing dancers around Helsinki a chance to practise their favourite dances in good company! Comets is an association that is run by volunteers. As a Comets member you can participate in our dance courses and parties. We organize rock and swing dance courses for adults and children.

Dance courses are organized in schools around Helsinki and in Comets Club, our very own dance hall in Pukinmäenaukio 2, Pukinmäki, Helsinki.

In addition to dance courses we also have dance parties regularly. Our dance lessons are mainly in Finnish, but most teachers are happy to also give instructions in English.

How to get started:

  • Sign up in Comets myClub to become a member.
  • Choose your dance style and register for the course in Comets myClub.
  • Read instructions here
  • Group levels vary from beginners to advanced courses.
  • There is no need to bring your own dance partner – we rotate partners during dance lessons so you will get a chance to dance with different people.
  • Wear casual, comfortable clothes suitable for dancing and sports plus a pair of sliding indoor/dance shoes.

Dance Styles

You can dance theses dance styles in Comets:

Boogie Woogie
Jazz Roots
Lindy Hop
West Coast Swing

Comets values

Fun and joy

Fun and joy means a cross-cutting atmosphere of joy and positivity that everyone creates in all their interactions by encouraging, thanking and inspiring others. The responsibility for an atmosphere of fun and joy lies with everyone.



Community is a cohesive force that strengthens the engagement and commitment of its members to the association. Community is something we do together that everyone feels welcome. Community is especially created by joint events and volunteering.



Every member of the association has the opportunity to develop and develop themselves purposefully not only as a dancer, but also, for example, as a coach, competitor or volunteer.

Development as a whole concerns the association, which constantly strives to develop both its operations and its operating methods.



All members of the association are equal regardless of their gender, age,

origin, citizenship, language, religion and belief, sexual orientation or any other personal reason. In the activities of the association, the different dance types of the club are also equal.